Picture # 54

Computer imaging was used to show how coat and grooming can affect the outline of a Westie. The top dog is the original photo of an 10 month old male, showing the typical lack of furnishings. On the following photos notice how a slight change affects the overall balance.

top left - Here the only change is that the tail carriage was changed, with the tail pushed more towards the head. This tends to shorten the back slightly. This tail change is also used on the other three photos. (one change)

top right - Using the photo on the left, the subtle change is that hair was added at the back of the neck and shoulders, which certainly appears to shorten the back even further. (two changes)

bottom left - Using the dog directly above, the change here is adding length to the belly furnishings more typical of an adult's coat length. (two changes)

bottom right - Using the above right photo, the change is that the belly hair was lengthened slightly, but not as much as in the photo on the left. (three changes)