Picture #29 

 Neck length sketches from the WHWTCA Illustration and Clarification of the Standard.

Picture #31

Picture #30

A very pleasing outline on this 6-month old puppy, showing a lovely arch of neck with a broad base. The length of furnishings are very typical of a pup this age. Legs may look a tad short, but I suspect it is age and coat related. The front legs could be set back a tad further under the body, but this might be due to the way the pup was set up rather than structural. While not in true profile, this shows a neck that blends well into the shoulders and is the correct length. The coat is well-blended, showing a correct outline of a Westie. From withers to tail is shortly shorter than from withers to ground, yet the back looks short. This is partially due to grooming, but also to the ribs which come well back.

Picture #32

Picture #33

Picture #34

This stylish bitch shows good overall balance. She displays a broad muscular neck, despite the hair built up over the withers. Her back looks short partially due to the grooming. She has a nice short, straight tail. The legs are stretched a tad too far back. This is the same bitch as seen in the previous photo. Here her balance is somewhat off due to the neck looking too long, as a result of the photo angle. Also, her back looks shorter here due to the angle of the tail. This very feminine Westie shows the forechest desired. Her body proportions are acceptable. I'm not sure if the neck is really thin, poorly groomed, or as a result of the photo angle. I suspect it is the latter.