Picture #39

Picture #40

 Compare the balance of this dog with some of the previous photos. This is a very well balanced Westie, from the early 1980's, and shows a good neck flowing smoothly into the well balanced body. If the dog were in true profile, you would be able to see the overhang better. Also, shows good head proportions with pulled, not teased, head furnishings.  This dog's balance appears to be off, with the dog looking long and low, partially due to the photo angle and partially due to its longish loin. The topline is level, however the rear legs looked stretched a tad, which may also add to the dog looking long. The dog shows what appears to be a slightly longer than desired muzzle in an adult. This could be structural or could be the result of lack of furnishing, or of grooming.

Picture #41

Picture #42

 Despite the fact the dog is sitting, you can see the desired width between the front legs. Also, this dog shows good blending of the coat through the shoulder down to the leg. You can see that the chest area is somewhat short, but still has hair covering it. Though not directly head-on. you can see that this front is wide enough to get 3-4 fingers between the front legs. The ear pigment could be darker. The pulled head furnishings on this head show the nice desired chrysanthemum shape.