Picture #35 

This page represents variations on leg length and how overall balance is affected by these changes. The picture on the left is the original photo of a 10", mature bitch. In the middle photo the legs have been shortened slightly, making her seem longer in body. The change in the photo on the right was to make the legs a tad longer, thus making her appear shorter bodied. Nothing but leg length was changed.

Picture #36

Picture #37

This well balanced bitch, despite standing in grass, shows the forechest desired as well as 'butt behind'. Her neck blends nicely into the shoulders. Her back is level with an appropriate set on of tail. This dog at first glance appears stylish, though somewhat taller than desired. A closer look shows that there is not the desired forechest and the front legs look to be too far forward, possibly due to a short upper arm. Overall balance is off somewhat, with the dog starting to look too square.

Picture #38 

From the WHWTCA Illustration and Clarification of the Standard, showing in a sketch what is meant by 'turned out' feet.