Picture #43

This nicely balanced bitch, from the late '80's, shows a correct topline with a good tail set and good carriage. She has a nicely set on neck as well as 'butt behind the tail'. It is difficult to see her forechest due to the photo angle.

Picture #44

These four photos, which start with a dog who has a dip in its topline, are attempts to show how grooming and handling can affect the outline of a Westie.

The top left photo is the original photo. The dip in the topline might be due to a structural condition or it might simply be a result of grooming.

The top right photo shows a more noticable dip in the topline. With this amount of dip it is usually due to a structural problem.

The bottom right photo shows the dog with not only the above dip, but who is also slightly higher in rear than the top right photo.

The bottom left photo shows the same dog as the top left, with two changes. The slight dip has been filled in and the tail has been pushed slightly further toward the head. The latter change appears to shorten the dog overall.