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Picture #25

This head shows the expression desired. Note the width between the eyes and the ears, the muzzle to backskull proportions, the large nose, and the wide and blunt muzzle. Head furnishings are full due to hand stripping, not to teasing. When judging Westies, you need to check that the stop is actually correct and not groomed in. A slightly different look than the previous dog, partially due to a different grooming style. This dog also shows the desired width between the eyes and the ears, muzzle to backskull proportions, large nose, wide and blunt muzzle. Slightly more dark pigmentation on the ears would also change the expression slightly. A very feminine looking head. Somewhat rounder than desired eyes do not give the pert expression desired.

Picture #26

Picture #27

 The ears on this dog look small due to very full head furnishings as well as the grooming. There is not as much width between the eyes as on the previous dogs.  A young male without head furnishings, thus more of the ears are seen. From the picture it's obvious his head furnishings have not been overly teased. The width between the eyes is not as much as on earlier photos.