Picture #14

Picture #15

This dog shows good balance. You can definitely see the dog has some leg, but does not resemble the long legged terriers. The head may be somewhat overteased but shows the desired proportion of muzzle to skull. Even though not in true profile you can still see the desired overhang. Demonstrates a nice blending of the coat down the side of the body and trimming at the elbow. The hindlegs are stretched too far back and likely are the cause of the slight slope to the topline. Demonstrates a rather short tail. Overall a nice puppy without coat and thus easy to see proportions. The head shows a typical lack of coat but also good balance. The neck looks like it fits into the shoulders. The rear legs are stretched a tad, which at this age might be due to a growth phase. The coat could be slightly better blended down the side. Again, not in true profile, but the desired 'body overhang' can be seen, as well as 'butt behind'.

Picture #16

Picture #17

A well balanced dog. The length of dog from prosternum to ischium is definately longer than from withers to set on of tail. Due to the length of coat there is not as much daylight seen under the body as in previous picture. The coat appears to be built up over the shoulders. The top of the tail is well below the top of the skull. Head furnishings appear overteased, but you can still see the head proportions. You need to feel that the stop is truly deep and not a result of grooming. This male has a correct tail despite being longer than the tails on previous shown dogs. Overall his balance is good. His back looks 'short' due to the build up of hair over the shoulders.