The Components of Expression
Variations on a theme

Skull Types: This page illustrates some of the skull types which may be encountered and their effect on expression...

Again the first picture is of the original dog.

The picture in the upper right hand corner shows the same head, still clean on the sides, and still a blunted wedge shape, but wider throughout. Since there is still good chiseling in front of the eye, the eye remains essentially unchanged. However the width of stop increases and one begins to question how well this dog meets the requirement to be "inclined to lightness".

The picture at the bottom left illustrates a more pie shaped head rather than a lean, well blunted wedge. There is also a smaller lighter version of this pie shape that is not illustrated here in which the dog is even more pinched in muzzle.

The illustration at the bottom right shows a head that flares at the skull allowing for the larger, more forward oriented eye. This is much like the head in this location on the previous page, except that the eye color has not been lightened, so expression is not so severely affected, though it is still substantially different from the original dog.