f) tri-colored rough male

g) tri-colored rough male puppy

A very masculine head with a totally different and acceptable look from other tri's shown due to color pattern. Eye tends to look some what round but this is due to markings around eye,
especially the amount of sable.

Very pleasing expression on this puppy.
Again the expression is slighty different from
other tri's shown due to color
pattern and slight head differences.

h) male puppy

i) female puppy

j) female puppy

 This male, in this litter of under nine month old Roughs, shows a very nice head with correct stop, eye shape and placement. His ears are tipped about 1/2, but in a puppy this age it is perfectly acceptable. A very sweet melting expression.





This female, shows a very nice head that is somewhat different than either her brothers or
sisters. Her head is a tad longer than her brother's but still balanced with a nice wedge, correct eye shape and placement. The little bit of
white on the tip of her nose could create an optical illusion when viewed from the side. Like her litter mates her ears are tipped 1/2 and will likely come up with age. She has a very pleasing, acceptable expression.
This second female, a littermate of the two previous sable
puppies, shows a nice head that is different then her brother's or
sister's. Of the three she has the shortest head, which is balanced, with a tad more wedge than her littermates. Her eye shape and placement is
correct, her stop is fuller than either littermate, and in profile her stop might be slightly less obvious than her littermates. Her ears like her littermates are 1/2 tipped and she has a pleasing expression.