#14 tri-colored smooth male

# 15 sable smooth male

Not quite in a full head-on shot, therefore wedge looks wider than the Roughs. Shows the difference due to lack of long hair to frame the head, and hide the ears. Very good Smooth head showing very good expression. Thumbprint in ear can be seen. Face markings might make muzzle look somewhat fine.

This Smooth shows a well balanced
head with good expression despite not being
seen in a full head-on shot. Shows good eye shape and placement. Ears show thumb
print at break.

# 16 sable smooth male

# 17 sable rough bitch

This Smooth, while not seen in a full head-on shot, still shows a good wedge. This dog has a pleasing expression though there is slightly more width between the eyes in the stop area. Ears are perfectly acceptable, especially in a Smooth.

A well balanced, very feminine head which shows a coffin shaped wedge. The stop is correctly placed and clean. The almond shaped, correctly placed eye helps to produce that soft, sweet expression desired. There is good balance of muzzle to backskull.