V) Brindle dog and bitch heads:

See the difference between the dog and the
bitch. The bitch's head is less deep (skull and muzzle) for the length of the
head. Her stop is not as deep.

V - Brindle dog and bitch heads
W - Fawn Male head

W) Fawn male head:

Good width and length of muzzle, broad with minimum taper to a large nose.

Cheek muscles not prominent.

X) Fawn male head:

Muzzle as long as the skull. Deep muzzle, squared off.

Masculine rectangular head.

X - Fawn male head

 Y - Harlequin male head

 Y) Harlequin male head:

Good width of muzzle. Nice markings on head,
especially on eyes.

Black spotted nose permitted on harls.

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