A) Fawn male:

Forequarters strong and muscular.

Shoulder blade strong and sloping, upper arm the same length.

Substance from depth and breadth overall and of body, with strong bone.

Nicely squared off muzzle.

A - Fawn Male
 B) Fawn male:
Well-balanced, never clumsy. Smooth flow of neck into withers into back. Good proportions.
When determining how square a dog is, the height is from the top of the shoulder blades. This makes the top of the ‘square’ often several inches above a dog’s back. If the dog seems square using the dog’s back as the top of the square, he is taller than long and is either too short backed or has too little angulation, front and/or rear.
Elegance from length of head, neck, legs, with good angulation and smooth, flowing lines. Nice high withers.

B - Fawn Male

C) Brindle male:

Well angulated, balanced front and rear. Long neck and head

C - Brindle Male

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