The Miniature Pinscher

By Gloria Knapp

A little background on myself;

I have been interested in purebred dogs since the age of 8 when I started attending a Junior Kennel Club with a friend of mine in Flint, Michigan. I was too young too join, they had an age limit of 10 but I went anyway. My friend’s father was a judge and they had labs and Min Pins. I used to love to go to their house and visit the labs. I couldn’t get near the Min Pins. They were always barking at me and wouldn’t let me touch them. When I stayed overnight with my friend they would curl up at our feet in the bed under the covers and cuddle but as soon as morning came and we were up and about they were back to their "you’re a stranger" mode. I went on with my show career with working breeds, starting with Boxers and German Shepherds. (All one group back then). After I got married and started a family, I got into Dobermans. We were living in Washington then and I remember being impressed with these feisty little Min Pins trying to attack my Dobermans at the dog shows. I sold a Doberman puppy to someone in Montreal and they asked if they could ship a Min Pin back in the puppy’s crate instead of sending me an empty crate. They had a 3 year old female that just didn’t fit into their lifestyle. I said sure because I knew Dave and Sherry Krogh from Oregon who raised Min Pins and I figured they could help me find her a home. I picked the bitch up from the airport, let her out of the crate in my car and she curled up on my lap and there has been one there ever since. That was in 1972 and was my first Min Pin Champion. There have been many, many, more Champions. I stopped counting at 100.



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