Fearless animation, complete self-possession and spirited presence.


The above description of the Min Pins temperament needs elaborating. A spirited, self-possessed dog is not likely to be overly friendly to strangers. They are naturally territorial and are protective watch dogs and it is only normal for a dog of this character to be weary of strangers. Do not confuse aloofness with shyness or fearfulness in an adult dog. On the table or with the judge looking directly down on them with direct eye contact will most likely make the dog suspicious. If it is necessary to check a certain point again, ask the handler to put the dog back on the table. Even in its handlers arms they could become too protective. Going around the ring and standing in line with his handler he should demonstrate the necessary traits mentioned for temperament.

Min Pin Standard

Approved July 8, 1980

Reformatted February 21, 1990

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