In correct proportion to the body. Tapering, narrow with well fitted but not too prominent foreface which balances with the skull. No indication of coarseness. Eyes full, slightly oval, clear, bright and dark even to a true black, including eye rims, with the exception of chocolates, whose eye rims should be self-colored. Ears set high, standing erect from base to tip. May be cropped or uncropped.

Skull appears flat, tapering forward toward the muzzle. Muzzle strong rather than fine and delicate, and in proportion to the head as a whole. Head well balanced with only a slight drop to the muzzle, which is parallel to the top of the skull. Nose black only, with the exception of chocolates which should have a self-colored nose. Lips and Cheeks small, taut and closely adherent to each other. Teeth meet in a scissors bite.


Balance is the operative word here. We donít want a Doberman type of head, nor do we want a Chihuahua head. Heads have improved greatly in the breed over the years. Probably the most offensive would be cheekiness which would make the head look coarse, light eyes and not enough underjaw giving a snippy appearance. Light noses in
all colors are a fault. Not to be confused with self-colored in the chocolates. One or two crowded teeth in an otherwise correct bite should not be penalized. An even bite is a minor fault. Over or Undershots are serious faults. Do not penalize for a poor ear crop but the ears must stand erect and high on the head.

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