Breed Disqualifications

I am going to start here. We are the keepers of our Breeds standards. Our forefathers (and mothers<g>) had their reasons for putting disqualifications into the standards when they were originally made and through revisions. Min Pins are a toy breed. Any Min Pin under 10" or over 12 1/2" MUST be disqualified. You must measure if there is any doubt. To look like a toy they must be within that range. Any dog having a thumb mark MUST be disqualified. A thumb mark looks like it sounds. It is a group of black (or chocolate in Chocolate/Rust dogs) hairs completely surrounded by the rust markings on the foreleg between the foot and the wrist. This can sometimes look like a smudged or smeared thumbprint but a rose is a rose is a rose. Sometimes you will have extended black markings running into the rust, which are a fault but not a disqualification. My feelings are that the early breeders wanted to make sure the breedings were pure and that there were no signs of the Manchester Terrier in this breed and no mistaking one for the other. Any white on any part of the dog which exceeds 1/2" is to be disqualified. The white that I see the most now is between the front legs, deep on the chest. It is a disqualification. Look for it. Carry something on you that measures 1/2" so you donít make a mistake. So now that we have taken care of the disqualifications, we can judge the dog.

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