Picture #37

Picture #38


All Australian Cattle Dog puppies are born white, regardless of their adult coat colour. The breed carries the piebald gene and is unfortunately plagued with congenital deafness.

A typical pup. Note the large Bentley Star on the forehead. This is an impor-
tant breed characteristic and all ACDs have a Bentley Star whether it be just a few hairs or a large group of hairs.

Undesirable colors


Picture #39

This highly undesirable colour is a classic example of creeping tan. Creeping tan is tan on the legs that creeps up onto the shoulders and hips. On the face it may engulf the eyes and creep to the ears. In extreme cases it can be difficult to decide whether the dog is red with a blue overlay or if the dog is actually a blue with excess tan.


Picture #40

 This dog is too dark. He lacks any speckling in coat.