The Bernese Mountain Dog

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Denise Dean

Brief history of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

       The Bernese Mountain Dog is Swiss Farm dog that comes from the Bern region of Switzerland.  They were recognized as an individual breed around the turn of the century.  There are 5 Swiss breeds with similar markings, but they are all very different breeds.  Only the Greater Swiss Mountain dog and BMD are reconised by AKC.   Both breeds were used for pulling carts of milk to and from the dairy to a collection point in the village.  The two breeds look similar but have very different temperaments, as the Greater Swiss is somewhat of a guard dog and very tough and stubborn.  The Bernese on the other hand is very soft and would not make a guard dog.
       At the farm the Bernese would do all sort of general work, some droving and taking care of things on the farm.  When they took the milk to town it was in heavy tall cans so a calm demeanor was necessary and there was a lot of waiting before the milk was loaded and when it was unloaded.  They were a general farm dog and companion for the farmer and should have no extremes.

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