General Appearance

The dog must present a generally gay, lively and active appearance; bone and strength in a small compass are essentials; but this must not be taken to mean that a Fox Terrier should be cloddy, or in any way coarse - speed and endurance must be looked to as well as power, and the symmetry of the Foxhound taken as a model. The Terrier, like the Hound, must on no account be leggy, nor must he be too short in the leg. He should stand like a cleverly made hunter, covering a lot of ground, yet with a short back, as stated below. He will then attain the highest degree of propelling power, together with the greatest length of stride that is compatible with the length of his body. Weight is not a certain criterion of a Terrier's fitness for his work - general shape, size and contour are the main points; and if a dog can gallop and stay, and follow his fox up a drain, it matters little what his weight is to a pound or so.

N.B. Old scars or injuries, the result of work or accident, should not be allowed to prejudice a Terrier's chance in the show ring, unless they interfere with its movement or with its utility for work or stud.


The Smooth Fox Terrier is the personification of the happy, lively, active, "stay out of my face" Terrier. He knows no fear and his stamina is endless, whether hunting fox, squirrel, vermin, or baby-sitting the family children. Although solid and compact, he should have no hint of coarseness, nor in any way be considered cloddy. He is the essence of elegance from any angle. Top to bottom, end to end, he epitomizes balance. When "at the ready," he will be on his toes to the extent as to appear to have no feet at all. His dark eyes, like lasers, stare right through their target when excited.

The following is a true story I related some time ago in my Gazette column:

"A good friend related a beautiful story to me that I would like to share. Their 12 year old Smooth was in the yard playing with their 4 year old grandchild under the supervision of Grandma. Suddenly, a fire truck rounded the corner with its siren screaming. Naturally, Grandma’s attention was taken momentarily by the oncoming fire truck, as was the little child’s. The child, however, darted straight for the pretty red truck coming down the street.

There was no way the older woman could stop the child from getting to the street. The dog could however and as quick as he saw his little friend heading toward certain disaster, he leaped after him grabbing his shirttail pulling him to the ground and then held him there until relief arrived. Smart, happy, intelligent, fearless yes, Smooths are all these things."