Mature red and white bitch with a lovely outline.She is longer than tall, has an excellent head profile, nice length of neck into a level topline and a high arched teacup handle tail.
Young Black and white bitch out of coat shows a lovely neckline, fine bones, high set tail. Note the ticking on her dainty legs. This is not a fault.
Black and white bitch, very elegant, marvelous teacup handle tail that you can see through. You can also see her dainty hare feet.
Young red and white bitch, very elegant with good length of neck, high set tail, level topline, straight, silky coat. Even in grass the hare feet with longer center toes can be seen. Her muzzle might be a tad long, but overall, a very pretty girl.
Stunning sable bitch with fabulous ears - big and round and very nicely fringed. Her muzzle is nicely finer than skull. Notice the hare feet.
13 year old tri dog with ideal ears - big, round, nicely fringed. He also has a very good straight silky coat apparent even though he is somewhat out of coat.
Dramatically handsome young tri dog with beautifully fringed, large round ears. A really pretty head with good eye set, definite stop. Tail well arched. His ears might be a tad too close for perfection,   but he is extremely handsome and dainty and every inch a Papillon.
Mature tri bitch. Can you see the butterfly in her face and ears? The ears are gorgeous - big, round, nicely fringed. She has a real look of quality.
Mature black and white male. He has a very pretty head but his ears are a bit high set and a bit small.  You can still see the butterfly look, however.
Mature sable Phalene (drop eared) bitch. 
Notice that the correct ears with heavy fringing.
Mature Black and white dog. This solid headed dog shows that the head does not need a   blaze to make one think of a butterfly. This very handsome, dainty dog with lovely ears and fringe, well arched tail and fine bone  is of very high quality. He shows ticking in his front legs to go with the spaniel heritage.
When I began study of the Papillon in depth, I asked many top breeders to name dogs they thought closest to the ideal. This ten year old tri dog was on everyone's list. This lovely dainty refined dog, full of character, with very nice balance might actually have a bit more arch to his tail, but his bone and substance are ideal.
Mature tri dog with beautiful, large round ears and symmetrical face blaze and nose band.  he has the desired hare feet and a very good straight silky coat. He could be a tad finer in muzzle.
Yearling red and white bitch with very nice fringing. She is not totally a clear red as there are a few black hairs here and there. Most red and whites do not fringe as heavily as other colors. She has an asymmetrical face blaze which is not a problem for me as she has such a lovely head shape, fine tapered muzzle, beautiful eyes and sweet expression. These qualities should be prized ahead of cosmetic markings.
3 butterflies - all with typical ears and fringe. All three have lovely BIG, ROUND, obliquely set ears. The black and white dog in the center has wonderful silky double fringed ears, very exaggerated and very fancy. The bitch on the left also has a very beautiful "wingspan."
 4 butterflies. On the right is a red headed tri bitch with really fabulous head, ears and fringing. Notice her dainty tapered muzzle, distinct stop and the clear impression of a small head. Certainly it is small next to her gorgeous large round ears. Next to her is a very dainty solid headed bitch with wonderful big round ears and very nice fringing.

Papillons in this photo collection are from the U.S., England, and Canada. Additionally, several include Swedish blood.