Christenson, Runa - PAPILLON, Denmark 1976. Sorry, in Danish but has some really good photos.

The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club - Handbooks, various years1960 to present.
Available inexpensively in England for past issues. Mostly ads but will give you quite a view of the breed.

Roe, Carolyn and David, THE COMPLETE PAPILLON, Howell, 1992.
A rather basic book, probably most aimed toward the novice owner and has lots of photos of the authors' dogs. If you have this, Look at page 51, Ch. Daneview Charleston. This is a lovely photo and a very ideal outline.

Russell-Roberts, Peggy and Bob - THE PAPILLON HANDBOOK, London, 1959.
This older book is really very interesting and although hard to find, is well worth having.

Swann, Gwen - PAPILLONS AND OTHER FRIENDS, England, 1992.
Mostly personal reminiscences, but really stuffed with some super photos. Lots of Phalenes, there is a mix of terrific and less than terrific but it is fun as there are English, Swedish, and American dogs pictured.

Tamm, Suzanne PAPILLON OCH PHALENE, Sweden, 1978.
In Swedish, but it has lots of photos of artworks with Papillons and that is so exciting.

Waud, Clarice and Pat Challis, THE BUTTERFLY DOG (PAPILLON AND PHALENE), England 1988
A little book with good information. An earlier edition written with Pat Dowle and Miss Waud exists.

Waud, Clarice and Mark Hutchings, THE PAPILLON "BUTTERFLY DOG", England 1985.
This 300+ page book is the best book on the breed. It is well written and profusely illustrated giving history in art, theories of origin, early development, major British lines, and a look at Papillons in various other countries. Miss Waud was a lady of encyclopedic knowledge and a very great authority on the breed. I had the pleasure of meeting her. Mark Hutchings and his wife Nancy (Gerlil) both judge in the UK and have on several occasions judged in the US. Mark was Chairman of the Crufts Dog Show for a number of years.

The only regular Papillon magazine is PAP TALK, the journal of the Papillon Club of America which is only available to members.

The Papillon Club of America publishes a HANDBOOK about every 5 years but again they are not generally available. If you know someone with Papillons you could ask to look at them, along with any of the English Handbooks.