Compare the dog on the left, of current time, to Wrocky decades earlier. You see the same short back, square body, high tailset. I would not be surprised to find these dogs with about the same bone, although the second dog may carry a bit more leg coat giving an impression of slightly heavier bone.

At the Jabberwockees site are two excellent articles of Keeshond color including reports of an 1991 U.S. litter which included three orange males after generations of grey and blacks. The English import was,Amer.Can. Champion Racassius of Rhinevale and he sired a litter for us which produced 3 champions...alas, nothing exotic..just silver and black puppies.

Of course, nothing but variations of cream, silver, grey and black are acceptable in the AKC show ring. Other colors are not disqualifications, but should surely be left out of placements or excused. I personally have never seen an orange or black Keeshond, only a few whites.


A rare (in this country) orange Keeshond. While the standard has no disqualifications, including for color, a judge’s duty would clearly be to excuse any white, cream or black dogs that should come into their ring.

Regarding white...Keeshond bred and shown in Europe are often all white or black and some even red/orange. In the U.S.A. itis not uncommon for a puppy to have a few white toes or a white splash on the chest when born but the white usually is entirely gone by 5-6 months of age. A white foot or feet is listed as a fault in the standard. A white foot or feet to me would be more than one or two toes and probably predominately white to the wrist. I have never seen a fully white foot or a faulty white foot in the ring.


On the right is a puppy about 5 months old. At this stage the body coat is predominately pale cream undercoat with black points: muzzle, ears, tip of tail. As the black tipped guard hairs come in, the shading begins. In this pup, you can already see black over the back but it is not unusual to see an entirely cream body with black mask, ears and tip of tail at this age.