Here's a sketch of an Ibizan with idealized outline & shape.

Here's a big winning dog of the mid-eighties who had that ideal outline & shape. The drawing predates this dog by several years.

Here's good joint flexion (in front) in action. If she wasn't moving so fast, it might have even more bend (knee flex)!!

This drawing demonstrates proper Ear shape as described in the old standard.

Here's how that shape fits on a dog drawing.

See how the rhomboid fits on this excellent family of EARS?

Ibizan Hounds come in WHITE (& parti & pinto & lion..) also. Here are two good ones.

The following pictures are a family of Ibizans I like. (I bred them!) The White bitch Lizzie is generation 1, Rita is generation 2 & Tex, Cowboy & Abbey are Generation 3.

Note the Moderate angles on this bitch & the other's I've shown. (Lizzie)


Similar in shape to his brother Tex, Cowboy conforms better to the standard in length of body to height. Both were excellent Coursers (Best in Fields', AKC Field Champs). (Cowboy)

Solid red bitch from the same litter, Extremely agile & light on her feet. (Abbey)

The mother of the previous three, We deliberately bred for more rear angulation than mom had although she was within acceptable limits. The White bitch Lizzie was Rita's Mother. (Rita)