NECK, TOPLINE, BODYŚNECK proudly carried well muscled and dry.  Well arched, with nape of neck widening gradually toward body.  Length of neck proportioned to body and head.

WITHERS pronounced and forming the highest point of the body.  BACK short, firm, of sufficient width, and muscular at the loins extending in a straight line from withers to the slightly rounded croup.
CHEST broad with forechest well defined.  RIBS well sprung from the spine, but flattened in lower end to permit elbow clearance.  BRISKET reaching deep to the elbow.  BELLY well tucked up extending in a curved line from the brisket. LOINS wide and muscled.  HIPS broad and in proportion to body, breadth of hips being approximately equal to breadth of body at rib cage and shoulders.  TAIL docked at approximately second joint, appears to be a continuation of the spine, and is carried only slightly above horizontal when the dog is alert.

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