Presenting the
This wonderful side photograph is of an adult male.  For me, he is the classic Clumber.
He is the very essence of the breed with great type, wonderful bone and body and the classic head.

He is long, low and massive.
Things to notice here are:
Massive---both head and body
great proportions
lips--good length
rib length and depth of body
good neck and slight rise over loin
ear set and shape
deep eye set
short hocks


This is an adult bitch

She is everything I would want a bitch to be.  Massive without being doggy.
Pretty and femine yet not too refined and slight.

Please note:

GREAT outline
neck and topline
good bone
BALANCED front to rear
wonderful head with good lip and eye

This dog has poor proportions.  He is much too short backed. Also note the HIGH ear set and longer hock.


This is a younger bitch.
She too has wonderful points.
A very good bitch head and neck.
She has nice bone and good angulation behind.
I would make her longer to be ideal.
Note the short ribcage.



What a great face on this handsome male Clumber!!
Note the classic expression!
Great eye placement and good eye rim shape.
Look at the "v" shape lids and the deep eye.
Also the muzzle and depth of lip.
The strong nose and well marked stop.

Head Studies of one dog

This dog has a wonderful head.  Good eyes that are deep set with a nice lid.  the shape and color are wonderful. Look at the legnth of muzzle and the lips which cover the lower jaw.
He has great ears and they are set perfectly.
This dog has a great expression. It is soft, soulful and pleasing.
Also very important is the loose skin that is so obvious here.

...and this is the Wonderful CLUMBER SPANIEL:-)))