The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Headstudy of ruby male showing large, round, dark eyes and beautiful, correct expression and nice "fill" under the eyes.


Headstudy of ruby bitch, showing all the same qualities as in the first picture, only much more feminine.


Blenheim male.  This picture shows the eyes we want...really large and round.  The expression is soft and sweet, and there is sufficient "fill" under the eyes.


Pretty blenheim bitch.  She is being attentive without losing her sweet expression.  While her eyes are a lovely shape and color, they could, for perfection, be larger.  Note how prettily her ears frame her face.


Black and tan male with good head and expression.  Something has caught his attention--his ears are being held a little bit back, but he is intent on something.  His eyes, while the right shape, could be larger.  He is very definitely masculine without any hint of coarseness.


Same black and tan male, now paying attention to his handler.  His proportions are lovely...there is no need for a wholecolour to be shaped differently from the broken colour dogs.  Many are long and low; this dog has nice proportions.  The photo shows that he has tan in all the correct places, even to the tan hairs coming from the vent area.


Ruby male.  Altho the photo is taken slightly from above, you can see his body proportions are correct (slightly longer than tall).  The color on this dog is superb...many rubies do not have this deep chestnut color, and some have it except when changing coats.  His tail carriage is correct...and you can, at the other end, see his nice large eyes and the proper length of muzzle.


Young blenheim male...lovely proportions, color well broken, wagging tail in the right position.


Young blenheim male.  While this is a different head than the other dogs in the presentation, it is a lovely head, with a soft  expression and beautiful eyes.  The dog is squinting somewhat in the bright sun.


Darling blenheim puppy bitch with beautiful eyes.


Profile of mature tri to show the correct length of muzzle and a nice stop.


Blenheim dog of exquisite type and expression.  This American-bred male was the top-winning dog in the history of the breed in the USA prior to AKC recognition, with Bests in Show from top breeder-judges from all around the world.  When asked for a list of their all-time great dogs, almost every experienced breeder includes this dog...he is the only American-bred dog to have earned that honor.  He was never exhibited at an AKC event.  If you see one like this, consider yourself blessed!


Another blenheim dog of exquisite type, showing ideal proportions, outline, and head.  Note his coat--untrimmed but not excessive, it lies flat and fits him well.  Take a particularly close look at his paws...they look trimmed, don't they?  I assure you they were not.  Not all dogs grow foot feathering.


 Headstudy of dog in previous photo - his beautiful eyes (large, round, and dark) show a bit of white in one corner.  No serious judge of the breed would pay any attention to this, given the overall quality of the dog.  In fact, no one did...this dog is a very famous English Champion and much sought after stud dog.


Very handsome, if ungroomed, blenheim dog showing white in one eye. Again, this amount of white would be overlooked by many breeders given the overall quality of the dog...his eyes are large and round, and the head is lovely.

Tricolour bitch showing ideal head markings

Here you have seen the lovely
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:-))