Some of this presentation is taken from the Illustrated Standard and other documents distributed by the Basset Hound Club of America. Also, from The New Complete Basset Hound, by Mercedes Braun. For further information on the Basset, please visit the Basset Hound Club of America Home Page at:

Here is a very brief résumé of my life in dogs.

I have been active in Basset Hounds since 1963, starting in obedience. My first Basset litter was born in 1967, whereupon I decided on the kennel name of "Topohil". Although my husband loved and helped with the dogs, he left most of the breeding and show plans to me. After putting a C.D. on three of my Bassets, I decided to concentrate on conformation. Although my breeding was very limited and I never campaigned extensively, I finished many Basset champions and several of my dogs had specialty wins, including BISS, as well as group wins and placements. In addition, dogs of my breeding figured prominently in breeding programs other than my own. And, for a time during the 1970's, I also bred, showed and finished Bichons Frises. When I was granted approval to judge my first group, I made the personal decision not to breed or show any longer.

"I have belonged to many kennel clubs and other dog-related organizations and have served as an Officer, Director, Board Member, and/or Committee Chairperson/Member for most of them. I have the honor of being a Life Member of the Basset Hound Club of America and both my husband and I are also Life Members of the Pilgrim Basset Hound Club. I have served BHCA as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Board Member, and have been on many of its committees. Also, I have had the honor of being chosen three times to judge the Basset Hound Club of America National Specialty show."


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