The head is large and well proportioned. Its length from occiput to muzzle is greater than the width at the brow. In over-all appearance the head is of medium width. The skull is well domed, showing a pronounced occipital protuberance. A broad flat skull is a fault. The length from nose to stop is approximately the length from stop to occiput. The sides are flat and free from cheek bumps. Viewed in profile the top lines of the muzzle and skull are straight and lie in parallel planes, with a moderately defined stop. The skin over the whole of the head is loose, falling in distinct wrinkles over the brow when the head is lowered. A dry head and tight skin are faults.


A head that is large and strong and covered with loose skin; of medium width. Elasticity and wrinkle are very important as they prevent punctures of the skin in dense undergrowth, and supposedly abet the scenting organs. A skull well-domed and showing a prominent occiput. The distance between the occiput and the moderately defined stop is equal to the distance from stop to nose. Viewed from the front, the outline of the head should resemble a wedge shape, tapering from the nose to the rear of the skull. Looking from the side, the outline of the head should appear approximately oblong.

Our standard asks for parallel planes in the head. You will very rarely see this, but do look for it and reward if it is there. Ideally, the topline of the skull should be formed of a line from nose to stop, then a moderately defined stop, and then a line from the stop to the occipital bone. The two lines to run parallel and be about the same length. The previous Standard described the head as being similar to that of the Bloodhound, although usually the Bloodhound head is narrower and carries much more wrinkle than that of the Basset. When the Basset Standard was revised in 1964, AKC would not let the Standard of one breed refer to another breed in its descriptions, so this particular statement was removed from the standard.


A small head. A head with lack of skin. A broad, flat head. A head that is not in balance with the body. Lack of occiput. Too much stop or lack of stop. Cheek bumps.


This is a lovely masculine puppy head


This is a head study of a handsome masculine adult
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